5 Of the Best Photo Related Gigs To Try Out on Fiverr

Ismail Sirdah

The world of freelancing is challenging. On some days, you can be earning more than your regularly employed counterparts, and in other instances, you’ll experience dry spells. The instability can keep you anxious and always on the lookout for opportunities.

This is especially true for freelance photographers. With so much competition in the creative field, it may be difficult to stand out from the rest. However, there is a website that can help you land a gig easily even as a newbie in the freelancing world.

Introducing Fiverr for Photographers

In case you haven’t heard of Fiverr, it’s a website that connects people who are looking for freelancers and people who are willing to work in short-term gigs. It’s a simple system that helps clients accomplish what they need and for workers to get easy pay.

“Photographers can possibly earn a substantial amount of income by working through several Fiverr gigs, as long as they know how to find reputable clients,” according to Ismail Sirdah, a known creative photographer, and business owner.

5 Of the Best Photo Related Gigs To Try Out on Fiverr


1. Human subject photography

If you are a creative photographer, you can create several photos for your clients with humans as the subject. If you have a household member that you can continuously use as a subject, make them convey certain emotions. As a photographer, you can experiment with natural light to help create sceneries for different emotions that your subjects can portray. A photo with your subject looking sad or depressed can be incorporate with lots of shadows. Photos expressing joy and fun can be shot outdoors. You don’t have to have expensive equipment to do these. Offer your photo services at a competitive price. Usually, the most prolific Fiverr workers start at 5 dollars per gig, and they upsell for more advanced services.

2. Adding watermark to photos

Some website owners do not have the time or skill to add watermark to their own photos, but they feel like they still need to for copyright reasons. Offering to do this seemingly tedious and repetitive task can earn you some substantial income. You can offer your watermark placement services by offering a price per photo. Additionally, if you have the skill, you can also offer to create them a personal watermark that they will like. This watermark can also serve as the business logo that they can place on their website.

3. Photo editing and enhancement services

A way to earn money through Fiverr gigs is by editing photos. Many people would not have the sufficient photo editing skills to manage their shots. Some simply want to have more time on their hands to do other things and would rather find another professional to do the task. You can offer a photo enhancement service for different types of pictures. These can include lighting adjustment, removing blemishes in a human subject, editing angles, colors and all the other complexities of making the photo better for your client. Since photo-editing is quite time-consuming compared to other Fiverr gigs, you can charge a higher price. Just make sure that your services are priced reasonably in comparison to your competition.

4. Still life photography

Some clients are looking for photographers who can perform still life photography for professional-looking results. Hiring a regular photographer to do the job can be too expensive for some startups, so they resort to looking for freelancers ready to accept single gigs so they can pay for what they need. You can take advantage of this demand by marketing yourself as a still life photographer. Create yourself a DIY light box to help you take professional looking product photos against a white background with sharp details. This is a cost-effective way to earn extra income as a freelance photographer.

5. Creating event slideshows

Photo slideshows have been increasingly popular in events. Many slideshows are projected during events to commemorate a wedding, anniversary, birthday or even a funeral service. You can offer your services as a photographer by creating a professional-looking slideshow that will keep event attendees engaged. All you need are the raw photos from your clients and you can start being creative with your transitions and photo timeline.

“To stand out from the competition, it is imperative that your services are top notch. Who knows? If you do well and impress your clients, it may even lead you to have long-term clients that pay higher,” Ismail Sirdah states. A job well done means you can have positive reviews. This can also allow you to rank higher when future clients search for gigs in your niche.

A budding freelance photographer can find a lot of opportunities in Fiverr. All it takes is creativity and persistence to impress those who trust your work.