Arthur Falcone’s Favorite Fiverr Gig

One of my internet friends Arthur Falcone sent me an email recently saying that he had dug to the depths of Fiverr and found something unique. Unique and the internet don’t typically go together so I was intrigued.

I will say the two gigs that he sent me are very unique, but I have seen weirder stuff on Fiverr.

1. Hypnotize Myself and Write a Poem

Why? How? I can’t answer either of those questions, the seller also has some other weird gigs. Here are some of the highlights from the description.

  • sixty-minute meditation session
  • I will activate the seven major chakras of my body
  • activate my kundalini
  • you may think of giving me some symbols and clues about “you” and “your life journey”

Arthur Falcone Glitter BombI don’t even know what some of those words mean! How will I “think of giving you symbols”? What symbols? This gig gives me more questions than answers.

2. I Will Ship Your Enemies Glitter

For the truly cruel, give the gift that keeps on giving, a Glitter Bomb! There has been a lot of legal discussion about glitter bombs so it’s not suggested. Doctors have even suggested that glitter can get into the eyes, nose and can cause harm.

I wanted to thank Arthur again for this and I truly hope I don’t see any mail with the return name that says, “Arthur Falcone”. If I do, I’m definitely opening it outside!