Buy Blog Posts on Private Blog Network of Web 2.0’s

Web 2.0 Private Blog NetworkOn Fiverr you can find d_seogirl is selling 100 blog posts on a private blog network of web 2.0’s for only $5. I would assume these are created with some sort of software like SENuke so the value is OK, but not great. In order to make a profit, the seller needs to do a high volume of posts so expect that when you order.

I will test this order and report back with my experiences.

Update: Order received

I was completely unimpressed with this service. The links were all web 2.0’s, there were less than 40 unique domains and the first report I received had a total of 23 live links. The seller fixed most of the problems, but it took a lot of time, I would suggest looking elsewhere for web 2.0 links.