How Furniture E-commerce Store Owners Can Boost Their Business By Taking Advantage of Fiverr Gigs

E-commerce business has been at an all-time high in terms of growth. This statistic doesn’t spare any industry–almost anyone call sell anything online. The rise of sales of tech gadgets, clothing, and even home furniture in large e-commerce websites have enticed many aspiring entrepreneurs to explore the possibilities of earning money online.

And why not? The advantages are many. Aside from making some of the business aspects fully automated, people also save money and time. There’s no need for renting a space, hiring employees and promoting your products through traditional means. E-commerce has made it possible for entrepreneurs to reach their clients more affordably and conveniently.

Although these seem like a win-win situation for both buyers and sellers, e-commerce also has its own challenges. There is definitely competition in this business model because of its low startup costs. In almost any e-commerce niche, you can find a competition to beat. However, there are several ways to promote your products without spending a fortune. According to JMD Furniture, a known e-commerce furniture store, there are several ways to boost your business growth through using Fiverr gigs.

How Furniture E-commerce Store Owners Can Boost Their Business By Taking Advantage of Fiverr Gigs

1. Purchase social media management gigs

One of the most difficult yet essential things to maintain is a business’ online presence. Any business who wants a solid communication with the potential market should be available and consistent in posting in the main social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Instagram. These social media platforms are where people spend the most of their time, and this is where you find people who can be interested in your furniture items.

The problem with this is social media management is that it is too time-consuming. If you take time to just schedule your posts, reply to comments and switch between this platforms, it may even take you a whole day! In order to save time, it may be best to delegate this task by using a Fiverr gig offer. This is what you call “Social media management”. All you do is assign somebody to manage your social media accounts regularly for a low price.

2.Purchasing creating info videos gigs

Another way to promote your products is through creating info videos. As you can notice, mini-videos are the new way to create engagement to your potential buyers. However, if you don’t have the skill to create engaging and professional-looking videos, it may be better to give this task to someone else.

These videos don’t have to be long. They can last for about 30 seconds to 2 minutes, based on your ad concept. When you post a Fiverr gig of this kind, make sure to be descriptive as possible to avoid miscommunication. Provide working materials if necessary, such as pictures, script, or a tagline that you desire. These gigs can be a little more pricey, but if it lands you a sale, then it is definitely worth it.

3. Purchase content marketing gigs

A tried and tested business boosting technique is through content marketing. If your e-commerce business doesn’t have a blog yet, perhaps it’s time to start on one. Creating a blog will help you gain clients through search engine giants such as Google.

Content marketing can be in the form of blogs, product descriptions, or ad copies. These can help you create engagement along with your other marketing tools. Finding writers are easy, but finding quality writers in Fiverr can be a challenge. To make sure that you are hiring a quality writer, take a look at the writer’s previous customer reviews.

4. Purchase web design gigs

A professional looking website build trust. How can you trust a website that has broken links, Comic Sans font, and distorted images? If you have no experience with coding systems such as HTML, PHP, and Javascript, it may be ideal to hire somebody to design your website for you.

This is also crucial if you are selling your products through your website. You want the interface to be clean, fast and hassle-free. JMD Furniture suggests that you discuss with your Fiverr gig worker the system you want your e-commerce site to adapt, as well as the overall look you desire. Include visual examples of other websites for inspiration, and make sure to discuss important website details such as the menu, shopping interface, and overall style.

5. Purchase targeted advertising gigs

Targeted advertising is one of the highly successful ways to find viewers who are interested in your products. Through Fiverr gigs, you can look for someone who can manage all the targeted advertising campaigns your e-commerce store needs. Experts in this field would know what to input as keywords, descriptions, and demographics in order for you to maximize your ad spending.

Delegating some of your e-commerce business tasks to willing Fiverr workers is a good investment of your money. Although you will still be spending, you can save more time doing more important tasks to grow your furniture business.