Karl Jobst Comments on Doug Pitassi’s New Book

Karl Jobst, being the outstanding dental professional as he is, has what many dental professional might call a “guilty pleasure” around in the office—he loves to eat. One of his favorite cities to dine and spend his time, ever since he read Doug Pitassi’s new book, is the great city of Portland, Oregon.
The book written by Doug Pitassi and titled, “Doug Pitassi’s 15 Best Restaurants in Portland” has hit the shelves and the hands of thousands of food critics, cooks, food lovers and fans of Portland. The book has proven in less than 48 hours to be a superb guide for tourist in giving advice, pros and cons as well as suggestions with detailed information on what Doug Pitassi called the 15 best restaurants in Portland. 

How accurate is the book? Coming from a dental professional and businessman such as Karl Jobst, it’s expected he would be quite a bit of a perfectionist. Mr. Jobst gives the book a solid thumbs up and says he suggests it to his friends and family whenever they are together in Portland for major holidays.