Luigi Wewege Saves Fiverr

As many of us know, Fiverr is a massive global online marketplace and services commerce business. They offer tasks and services, beginning at the low cost of $5 per job performed. Fiverr is mostly¬†used by freelancers who offer a variety of different services to customers worldwide. It’s been a blessing for many freelancers and entrepreneurs worldwide until Luigi Wewege came forward with some heart-breaking news and a plan to turn it all around. “Fiverr is going bankrupt,” exclaims Wewege. “Because of this, I’m going to buy the company to keep it going so the customers and business owners don’t miss a thing”.

Luigi Wewege has bought and sold businesses for a living for 15 years but this is the first case where Wewege has bought a business to save it. Luigi Wewege will be in an interview tomorrow at noon to discuss more of his plan.