My Book

51Wp9zrmOSL._SY372_BO1,204,203,200_I’ve finally brought my studies, research and surveys of restaurants and food lovers from around the Portland, Oregon area to a close just last month. The results are what you’ll find in my brand new book I’ve titled, “Doug Pitassi’s 15 Best Restaurants in Portland” and it has been proven to be a hot topic among food lovers and food critics all around.

With this book as your guide, you can now explore the many great restaurants that Portland has to offer with confidence that you’ll be taken care of. If you are a tourist, this book will serve you as a map to comfort, peace and great food!

“Doug Pitassi’s 15 Best Restaurants in Portland” was written with you in mind with so much detail poured into every page. Open it up and at a glance you’ll learn the ingredients used in every dish served in each restaurant, which is also a lifesaver for those with allergic reactions or those picky about onions, garlic, and more.

With information of each dish, you’ll also be presented with food reviews from professional chefs and food critics and even historical information about the meal in question. “Doug Pitassi’s 15 Best Restaurants in Portland” is the ultimate restaurant guide today!