Randi Glazer Discusses How Fiverr Empowers Entrepreneurs

Randi Glazer understands the entrepreneurIt is an established truth that Fiverr has enabled freelancers from all over the world generate a primary or secondary source of income through the easy-to-use platform, but the entrepreneurs on the other side of the platform are a less frequently discussed subject equally deserving of greater attention. Randi Glazer, an expert in all things relating to underwriting and entrepreneurship, sees Fiverr as a potentially critical tool for getting a small business off the ground without burning through capital during the early stages of business development.

With a small business still in its infancy, entrepreneurs have to not only focus on developing their core business strategy but also on all the details associated with creating a marketing strategy and establishing consistent customer engagement. Small business owners often feel as though they have two options in these circumstances, which is to either prioritize the focus on the core business at the expense of all other tasks or to contract the work out to a professional. The former option is not ideal for a number of reasons, and the latter is often the preferred choice despite the added cost.

Through Fiverr, a small business owner can find a professional to complete the task quickly and easily, not to mention the added benefit of the likelihood that the cost will be far less than the options typically considered more traditional. The prices are set and communication is simple through the platform, which means there is no back-and-forth price negotiation that uses up the precious time the entrepreneur is trying to save in the first place.