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Fiverr Fibber

Have you tried Fiverr? Do you say you have when you really haven’t?  Well then you are a Fiverr fibber.  What is it about people the lie for no good…

Fiverr Returns

Returning items to Fiverr for refund can be complicated.  I am not saying that you cant return items but you better get ready for trouble.  The cost may be enough…

Fiverr Savings

If you have been buying things online then you will be pleasantly surprised to check out Fiverr.  Fiverr has the best stuff at the lowest prices.  If you don’t believe…

Christopher Walken Fiverr Gig

Christopher Walken Phone Call

One of my favorite gigs that I’ve ever used was to call my best friend as Christopher Walken and had Jersey Ferretti tell him that his time was nearly up….

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