Fiverr Can Lead to Significant Professional Opportunities

At first glance, it may not seem that there is a lot of money for a creative professional to earn through a website whose name — Fiverr — is based upon a fairly meager sum that does not come close to the value of the services many creative professionals are able to provide. Of course, the name is somewhat misleading and the opportunity to find long-term and lucrative assignments on the site certainly exists in a big way.

One such creative professional got his start on the website while still attending college at WVU. Mo Howard, West Virginia football player, was interested in adding graphic design work to his vast creative portfolio at the time, so he joined Fiverr in hopes of finding an opportunity.

According to Howard, he quickly found that his graphic design skills were a popular service on the site, and his burgeoning reputation as a graphic artist led to a number of opportunities that he would have never had access to without Fiverr. The site is much more than a marketplace, as it also provides a thriving community to creative entrepreneurs from all over the world who wish to collaborate with one another. The site has become more and more popular as a result, and more and more creative individuals are therefore discovering professional opportunities.