Marty Stallone

Marty Stallone began his career in the financial services industry after completing his degree at Cornell, and he has had a distinguished career ever since. Marty recently spoke about issues that pertain to his industry and business practices, and the interview may be found below. This interview is a lovely study for those who wish to follow in his footsteps.

Q: Marty, do you believe your education plays a role in your career today?

A: Yes, thank you for asking about Cornell. I spent four happy years in Ithaca, New York, and I believe it was the defining experience of my life. There are quite a few people I keep up with from school today, and we are enjoying successful careers because we attended such a fine school. I know it is a bit rude to boast about an Ivy League school, but I believe Cornell set me up to be the man I am today.

We were trained in the art of running a business, in the art of learning and the art of growing. I grew at Cornell where I believe others may not feel they grew in college.

Q: How are you innovating in your office?

A: Our office is constantly creating new ideas to be used with our clients. I cannot think of a day when we sat on our laurels. We often toss around ideas that will never make their way past the meeting room, but they are quite important as we formulate our plans for the future. I have seen the wildest ideas become firm stances we take with our business today.

I often encourage our employees to be open and honest in meetings. They are smart people who are thinking of how to make our business better, and I would be remiss if I did not listen to them. They are often more plugged than I am on certain issues, and I want to hear what they have to say. I have been proven wrong before, and I hope we come to a consensus that helps everyone.

Q: What is the most rewarding part of your job?

A: Helping people. I believe our business is predicated on helping clients make money. I cannot remain profitable if my clients are unhappy, and I cannot play with the emotions of my clients. They deserve to have quite a lot of information about what we do, and I hate to think our customers are walking blind. They are trusting us with quite a lot of money, and I do not want to lose their trust in the process.

We have frequent staff meetings discussing customer service, and every new piece of information from our meetings changes interactions with customers. I have met quite a few customers who will only speak to their brokers, and I have met customers who are surprised to get me on the phone. I am working the business as everyone else does, and I am happy to help where I am able. We are working s a team to earn, and our clients are part of the team.

Q: How Do You Recharge?

A: I do not take my work home with me. I know there are quite a lot of people in the business world who work at all hours, and I have chosen to avoid such a lifestyle. I want to spend time with my family, and I want them to know I will come home at a reasonable hour. Dinner meetings and business trips are unavoidable, but that is quite different from spending hours at the office that are simply wasted.

There is a point of diminishing returns when you are no longer productive in the office, and I want our employees to leave work before they get to that point. We work quite hard when we arrive at the office, and we leave when the time comes. Balancing out lives between work and home helps our business earn more money every year.

Q: Do You Believe The Markets Are Healthy?

A: I believe we live in a time where every investor has choices. I am not analyzing the market on that level, and I know there are others who may answer the question better. I would prefer to talk about how investors may make money from the most basic of investments. We are directing our clients to the healthiest investment options for everyone, and I have seen lovely results from my clients on multiple occasions.

I invest in this market every day because I believe in its strength. There is no better seal of approval than your broker putting money where their mouth is. We work quite hard to build customer relationships, and we are using the markets to great effect. I believe anyone who does less is cheating their customers.