Strength Training for Rugby with John Pryor

John Pryor is a director at JointAction Group, an organization that specializes in physiotherapy, work safety, physical ergonomics, occupational therapy and exercise science. The organization has a highly effective team of executive as well as operational staffs. Most of them have personal experience in the physical exercise industry, and also they have acquired relevant professional qualifications in this industry. John Pryor is also contracted by Japan Rugby Union to serve as the strength and conditioning expert. He has used his expertise to drive both organizations to success through his innovative tactics with an objective of achieving the best results possible.

John has focused mainly on continued research on physiology and biomechanics as a way of developing acceptable approach to training especially depending on individual circumstances in his professional roles. As the strength and conditioning expert for Japan Rugby Union, John is mandated to develop a training schedule that yields the best possible fitness gains for the entire players. John Pryor played a significant role during Japan’s win over South Africa in September 2015 during the world cup qualification. This victory is considered by many fans as the greatest upset in the history of rugby. John assumed the role of strength and conditioning coordinator back in 2012, a position he still holds to date.

As a director of JointAction Group, John has vast knowledge, skills, experience and expertise in preventing musculoskeletal injuries. He is mainly recognized for his ability to utilize biomechanical principles in sports, at JointAction he has developed strategies for minimizing injuries among the workers at their work stations. Through his analytical approach, the organization has managed to help workers in all industries to use training, nutrition and recovery to improve their health and be more productive in their assignment and at the same time reducing the chances of future injuries.


John Pryor’s early life

Before John began his professional career, he attended Southern Cross University where he received a Master of Health Science in biomechanics. John’s academic qualifications enabled him to acquire a deeper appreciation of the need for extensive research coupled with his willingness to develop new and unique training techniques depending on the results from his research. In fact, John was willing to utilize his research findings to help Japan rugby team during its training program and this proved to be a success for the team because it has performed well in international competition.

In the past, John worked with Australian Rugby Union, which has one of the best teams in the world where he served as a strength and conditioning trainer as well as a consultant for three years before joining JointAction in 2008. For the entire period in his professional life, John has been advocating for a unique approach to training, because he believed that specialized training depending on the specific needs is the ideal strategy to apply. After turning the analysis tools applied in sports and using them on the workforce, John Pryor feels the need for more recognition of physicality of all working environments.